What’s New

Version 3.2.1 – 5/31/2011

International: Digifit is now available in every country where iTunes is available. Visit our international fitness shop to purchase Digifit Connect, Digifit Connect Bike Case and ANT+ sensors. Shop now.
Navigation Improvements: New bottom menu bar enabling quick easy access to important app screens including home, results, Health and My Digifit. Read more.
New Spin Workouts: Digifit now comes preloaded with 50 and 60 minute Spin workouts based on the Spinning Zones including Recovery, Endurance, Strength, Interval and Race Day. Read more.
Getting Started, Info & Help: Digifit has created a library of troubleshooting and useful information. With 3.2.1, find information more quickly by clicking on the new links.

Version 3.2 – 4/21/2011

Voice Feedback: With 3.2, Digifit offers voice feedback during workouts. Set-up your alerts to sounds when reaching certain milestones including time elapsed, calories burned and distance. Voice feedback can also be used to alert you when entering a heart zone. When when using custom interval workouts, voice feedback can also alert you to prepare to enter the zone in advance. Read more

Version 3.1 / 3.11 – 2/15/2011 and 2/28/2011

Multitasking Enhancements: With 3.1, Digifit is “interruption friendly” so you can answer a phone call, SMS, check email, access Pandora or another app if you are using a multitasking capable device. Digifit will automatically pause your workout while you multitask or if you tap the Home button. When you return to Digifit, you can resume your workout where it paused. Digifit will reconnect to your sensors as long as the sensors are awake and sending data. Read More
Web Locker™ Sync: Digifit enables back up of your workout results, weight, sleep and blood pressure entries to your Digifit Cloud Account and enables data sharing between your devices. To enable this function, first register your app. When prompted, sync your data with Web™ Locker Sync. The first time syncing may take some time because all your historical data is uploaded. You can also initiate cloud sync from within the app by going to My Digifit -> Cloud Data. If you get a new iPhone, you simply login to restore. Read More
Music Player: Play music before you start your workout. Tap MUSIC before (or after) you START your workout to listen to your playlists. If your device supports multitasking, you may also listen to tunes from other third party music apps including Pandora, Napster and more while working out with Digifit. Read More
Weight and Blood Pressure: Enter your daily blood pressure readings manually or sync from a Withings account. Read More
Cadence Sensor Compatibility: Digifit is now compatible with the new Spinning Cadence Sensor!
Digifit Connect 2 Compatibility: Digifit is proud to announce its new Digifit Connect 2! Buy Now
Digifit Connect 2 Bike Case: Digifit is also compatible with our new Bike Case. Buy Now
All Digifit apps are now compatible with Wahoo Fisica Key products including the bike case.
Bug and Crash Fixes: Thanks to many of our users who helped track down these bugs and crashes.

Version 3.0 – 11/16/2010

Includes Digifit, iCardio, iRunner, iBiker, iSpinner and iPower
New Dashboard for Healthy Living includes chart with weight, calories and ZEO sleep score. Tap Dashboard to get started.
Withings Wi-Fi Weight Scale Integration automatic sync with Withings weight data (requires Digifit registration and Withings weight scale.) Launch the Withings app from within Digifit and take advantage of special offer to purchase a Wi-Fi weight scale. Tap WiScale to get started.
ZEO Sleep Monitor Integration automatic sync with ZEO sleep data (requires Digifit registration and Zeo Sleep Monitor System.) Track your sleep score, login to the Zeo app and take advantage of Zeo special offer to purchase a Zeo sleep monitoring system. Tap MyZeo to get started.
New “Workout” Folder Tap Workout to access iCardio, iRunner, iBiker, iSpinner and iPower.
New Weight Tracking Functionality with iWeigh Track your weight using manual entry or Withings Wi-Fi weight scale. Tap iWeigh to get started.
New YouTube Help Videos – New videos to help with Withings and Zeo. Tap My Digifit ->Help and Info Videos
“Pete” iPad Training Peaks upload bug fixed, can now upload to Training Peaks using iPad.
New Sensor Acquisition Alert When tapping START before sensor acquisition (connection), Digifit’s previous alert said there was a sensor problem. Alert updated to wait a few seconds for sensor acquisition (connection) to be completed.

Digifit Version 1.11 – 11/08/2010

New Power Saving Lock Functionality: Press Sleep/Wake [lock] button on top of your Apple device to lock screen during workout to save power. Press Sleep/Wake or Home Button to unlock device to view your workout dashboards.
-Digifit becomes universal app
-minor bug fixes

-iApps version 2.1 – Update available 10/22/2010

includes iCardio, iRunner, iBiker, iSpinner and iPower
Lifetime subscription (Registration required)
All sensor functionality enabled enabled (Registration required)
Save Workout: Your workout is saved following an unexpected close (this feature is available for multitasking devices only with iOS4+ including iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3, iPod touch 4 and iPad.)
Facebook and email sharing: Access by tapping Share from the post workout results screen
Location Services: Map your routes with GPS (iPhone) or Wi-Fi (iPod touch). Swipe left from default dashboard to locate map. Read more.
-Mapping capability provides average speed and distance when ANT+ sensor not present.
New Power Saving Lock Functionality – Press Sleep/Wake [lock] button on top of your Apple device to lock screen during workout to save power. Press Sleep/Wake or Home Button to unlock device to view your workout dashboards.
New Leaf Quickstart workouts now available for upload to New Leaf
-Compatible with New Star Trac Spinning Cadence Sensor