Using Digifit – Getting Started, How To’s and Troubleshooing Digifit Connect

Using Digifit

Getting Started

1. Getting Started with Digifit Free App
2. Getting Started with Digifit Full Functionality: Pairing with ANT+ Sensors
3. Access and Use of Workout Dashboard
4. Enabling Full Functionality on Second Device
5. Enabling Location Services

App Functionality

1. Track Bike Cadence Indoors
2. Track Cadence on a Spin Bike
3. Interval Training Heart Zones
4. Customize Your Dashboards
5. Sync Withings Weight Data With Digifit Dashboard
6. Switch Screen Orientation
7. Extending Your iPhone Battery Life
8. Advancing iPod Music Without Interrupting Your Digifit Workout
9. Listen to iPod and Napster While Excercising
10. Answer a Phone Call While Excercising
11. Play Music Before Starting Workout
12. Digifit on an iPod Touch
13. Share on Facebook
14. Cloud Backup and Sharing
15. Music Based Structured Workouts
16. Digifit is a Universal App
17. Enabling/Customizing Voice Feedback


1. Installing a Digifit Connect Bike Case
2. The Digifit Connect Bike Case Video
3. How to Use a Wahoo Speed/Cadence Sensor
4. Adding a GSC10 Bike Speed and Cadence Sensor
5. Installing a Foot Pod Pace Sensor
6. Suunto Heart Monitor
7. Proper Use of Your Heart Rate Monitor Video
8. Use and Care of a Heart Rate Belt Video
9. Using a Withings Weight Scale
10. Extending your iPhone Battery


1. This Accessory is Not Optimized Alert
2. Reset My Digifit Password
3. Adding and Deleting a Manual Weight Entry
4. Abnormal or Irregular Heart Rate Data During a Workout
5. Remove and Repair a Heartbelt
6. Digifit Customer Support
7. Why is My Withings Not Showing Up in Digifit
8. Troubleshooting Your Digifit Connect Bike Case


1. Getting Started with Your Digifit Free App
2. Proper Use of Your Heart Rate Monitor
3. Use and Care of a Heart Rate Belt
4. Sensor Pairing Video
5. Customize Your Dashboard
6. The Digifit Connect Bike Case
7. Zeo
8. Withings


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