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About New Leaf®

When you “New Leaf”, you get a metabolic assessment that defines your current metabolic profile, which includes your exact heart rate zones, what percent of calories you burn from carbs vs. fat, and more. From there, New Leaf can tailor a custom heart rate zone training program that uses your metabolic profile, giving you the perfect workout and training plan. Your metabolic profile will not only tell you how long you should workout, but also the correct level of intensity in order to enhance your athletic performance and health.

High performance athletes and coaches around the country are using New Leaf metabolic assessments to measure how well a body burns calories both at rest and while exercising to great results. By having a better understanding of how your body works, you can more efficiently work out and burn more calories with greater ease.

Once you have an assessment, a custom workout regimen will be created that is optimized to work specifically for you, which can be downloaded into Digifit, and, after you complete them, uploaded back to New Leaf for deeper evaluation. No more cookie cutter workouts; instead, you get workouts perfectly suited your body, goals, and physical aptitude.

Digifit and New Leaf

Digifit is the perfect companion for a metabolic assessment. Download your New Leaf heart zones and custom workouts right to your iPhone using your Digifit app. Digifit will track all of your workouts whether you choose to walk, run, bike, Spin or any other cardio activity using your New Leaf metabolic assessment results. TruCal and FatCal offer you the most accurate caloric burn estimation. When your workout is complete, upload your results to your eNewLeaf account. For more information on metabolic assessments, visit New Leaf Fitness.


Get Started Guide

What’s needed: New Leaf Metabolic Assessment, Digifit Connect, Heart Belt and Digifit Full Functionality app.
Enabling New Leaf in Digifit: Read more.
Exercise with New Leaf Workout and Heart Zones: Read more.
Upload workouts: Read more.
Resting Metabolic Assessments: Read more.
Metabolic Assessments: Read more.



Digifit Heart Rate Monitor New Leaf metabolic AssessmentDigifit Heart Rate Monitor New Leaf metabolic Assessment Digifit Heart Rate Monitor New Leaf metabolic AssessmentDigifit Heart Rate Monitor New Leaf metabolic Assessment


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