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NOTE: Digifit Full Functionality (including Advanced Apps), Digifit Connect and ANT+ heart rate monitor belt required to track heart rate.

Digifit Heart Rate monitor iPhone ANT+ Sensors

Full Functionality Apps

Digifit Full Functionality (including Advanced Apps) enable real-time heart rate tracking and the use of ANT+ sensors. Register your app to enable all sensor functionality and receive lifetime subscription. Upgrade the free Digifit app, iRunner or iBiker for $14.99 via In App Purchase or buy an Advanced App:

iCardio iSpinner

Digifit Connect 2 ANT+ Transmitter for iPhone

Digifit Connect 2

Digifit Connect 2 (DC2) is a wireless transceiver that plugs directly into the dock connector of your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. DC2 communicates with ultra low power ANT+ sensors and because of its secure fit, DC2 is ideal for outdoor activities. Compatible with many cases and armbands.
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Garmin Heart Belt

ANT+ Sensor

Digifit Full Functionality (including Advanced Apps) and Digifit Connect are interoperable with over 80 ANT+ compatible sensors including the Garmin Heart Belt. With Digifit Connect, this all-digital heart belt wirelessly transmits heart beats per minute (bpm) to your iPhone.
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Functionality Overview

Track heart rate, calories, speed, cadence, pace and power using ANT+ sensors. View real-time heart rate chart as you work out. Create heart zone interval training workouts based on music or time. Listen to your iPod playlists with integrated music controls. Never lose workout data with Digifit’s Web™ Locker sync/back-up and share data between your devices (app registration required). Email your results or upload to Training Peaks, New Leaf or Facebook. 

Real-time Tracking:

  • Heart Rate (Current, Average, Max, Min)
  • Calories Burned
  • Time in Target Zones
  • Elapsed and Remaining Exercise Time
  • Pace, Speed, Cadence and Distance using ANT+ senors

Digifit and all full functionality apps are universal apps – iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Upgrade to Full Functionality

Upgrade to Full Functionality for $14.99 via In App Purchase to track heart rate and pace, speed, cadence, tracking functionality, compatibility with ANT+ sensors and lifetime subscription. Registration is required. Digifit Connect and ANT+ sensors (both sold separately) also required. Download now 


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