Fitness Devices Compatible with Digifit Connect

Adidas sensors and devices (ANT+)

Adidas Heart Rate Monitor
Adidas Stride Sensor

CycleOps sensors and devices (ANT+)
CycleOps PowerTap ELITE
CycleOps PowerTap PRO
CycleOps PowerTap SL
CycleOps PowerTap SLC
CycleOps PowerTap Disc Brake Hub
CycleOps Speed Sensor
CycleOps Cadnece Sensor
CycleOps 2.4 Coded Heart Rate Strap
CycleOps 200 Pro Indoor Cycle
CycleOps 300 Pro Indoor Cycle
CycleOps 400 Pro Indoor Cycle

Garmin sensors and devices (ANT+)
Garmin Heart Rate Monitor (Buy Now)
Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor
Garmin Foot Pod (Buy Now)
Garmin Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor (Buy Now)

Quarq sensors and devices (ANT+)
Quarq CinQo Saturn SRAM S900
Quarq CinQo Saturn FSA Team Issue
Quarq CinQo Saturn Rotor 3D
Quarq CinQo Saturn Specialized FACT
Quarq CinQo Saturn Lightning Carbon

Spinning® / StarTrac
Spinning® / StarTrac cadence sensor and magnet

Timex sensors and devices (ANT+ only; please look for the ANT+ logo on the device)
Timex Heart Rate Monitor (must carry the ANT+ logo)
Timex Speed and Cadence Sensor (must carry the ANT+ logo)

Wahoo sensors and devices (ANT+)
Wahoo_Fitness Soft Heart Rate Belt
Wahoo_Fitness Stride Sensor
Wahoo_Fitness Premium Speed and Cadence Bike Sensor

WiFi Body Scale

Personal Sleep Monitor

Other ANT + sensors and devices*
athlosoft ERGOHR
Beurer SpeedboxII
Beurer Chest Strap
BKOOL Sensor de Cadencia
Blackburn Heart Rate Monitor
Blackburn Speed Sensor
Blackburn Cadence Sensor
Bontrager ANT Digital Softstrap Heart Rate Belt
Bontrager ANT Digital Standard Speed Sensor
Bontrager Standard Digital Cadence Sensor Kit
Bontrager Duotrap Digital Speed/Cadence Sensor
Bontrager Speed Trap Digital Sensor
Geonaute Heart Rate Monitor
Geonaute Heart Rate Monitor – Soft Strap
Geonaute Foot Pod
Geonaute Bike Speed Sensor
Geonaute Bike Cadence Sensor
Mobii Hear Rate Chest Strap
Nite Rider Heart Rate Monitor
Nite Rider Speed Sensor
Nite Rider Cadnece Sensor
O-Synce Heart2feel X
O-Synce MACRO 2SXSpeed
O-Synce MACRO 2SXCom
O-Synce MAXrun
O-Synce MACRO 2SXcad
Sunlighten Heart Rate Monitor
Sunlighten Running Sensor
Tacx ANT Transmitter Belt
Tacx Bushido T1980
VDO Z Sender
VDO Z-Cad-Kit
VDO Pulse Z
VDO Comfort Gear
VDO X Transmitter
VDO X-Cad-Kit
Xplova Cadence Combo Sensor
Xplova Heart Rate Sensor

* Products have not been tested. Due to minor variations in ANT+ compatibility, not all products work in the same way. Tested products are ones that we have used and know to work properly. If you have another product and you are experiencing issues, please let us know