About Us

iTMP Technology

iTMP Technology, Inc. was founded in Santa Barbara, California, to revolutionize the world of fitness and health metrics monitoring. iTMP partners with industry leaders to bring health and fitness metrics to the iPhone and iPod computing platforms. With iTMP’s Digifit™ Connect wireless bridge and its suite of applications, people can track their health and fitness information anywhere, with no syncing or additional uploading software.

Digifit Executive Team

Digifit Connect

Digifit Connect is an Apple approved all-digital transceiver which connects to the iPhone or iPod touch via the 30-pin connector. The wireless bridge receives data from ANT+ compatible ultra-low power health & fitness sensors, Garmin heart rate straps, speed & cadence sensors, and foot pods.

Digifit Ecosystem

The Digifit Ecosystem is a suite of apps that track cardio, running, Spinning® and other cycling data from the ANT+ compatible sensors. The following apps in the Digifit Ecosystem are now available for download from the iTunes App Store:

  • iCardio – tracks heart rate, calories burned and time in target zones
  • iRunner – tracks heart rate, distance and pace and time in target zones
  • iBiker – tracks heart rate, speed, distance and cadence
  • iSpinner – tracks heart rate, cadence and time in target zones