Adding and Deleting a Resting Heart Rate Entry

Track your Resting Pulse using Digifit on your iOS Device. Taking your resting pulse is simple and only requires your fingertips and a stopwatch. Ideally, take your resting pulse in the morning right after you wake up. For more details, read our blog post on The Importance of Resting Heart Rate.

To manually enter your blood pressure:
1. Launch your Digifit app, tap Health.
2. Tap Resting Pulse.
3. Tap “+” sign located at the top right of the screen.
4. Enter your Resting Pulse, tap Save. (You can also change the date and time if you are entering a resting pulse from a previous date.)

*You can also enter your pulse by going to Health -> Blood Pressure -> “+”, and fill in the “Pulse” field (see screenshot below)*

You can enter in your pulse at the same time as blood pressure.

To manually delete a resting pulse entry: (Note you can only delete manually entered resting pulse entries, you cannot delete an entry from Withings.)
1. From the resting pulse screen, swipe from right to left to delete any of the manually entered entries. (A red delete icon will appear.)
2. Tap delete and the entry will be erased from your dashboard.


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