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Under the “Health” tab in the Digifit app, 4 key health metrics are listed: Weight, Blood Pressure, Resting Pulse, and Sleep. These metrics, in concert with activity, exercise and nutrition, give you a holistic view of your health. You have two options in tracking these metrics- Using a tracker or manual entry.

Digifit Compatible Trackers

Digifit is compatible with a wide array of the industry leaders in tracking health metrics. Link your tracker with Digifit, and your data will automatically populate the charts and graphs found under the “Health” section both in the app and on My Digifit. Here are a few of the compatible sensors:

  • Fitbit
    Fitbit is primarily known for its ability to track steps, but they offer a variety of products that transfer different metrics to Digifit. The Fitbit Aria is a WiFi weight scale that sends your weight and body fat percentage to Digifit. The Fitbit One, Flex and Charge all offer Fitbit’s standard step tracking throughout the day, but will also allow you to seamlessly track your sleep.
  • Jawbone UP
    Jawbone offers a few varieties of its popular “UP” series, and all of them offer activity and sleep tracking. Sync it all to Digifit!
  • Misfit
    Similar to Jawbone and Fitbit trackers, Misfit offers users the ability to track activity and sleep.
  • Withings
    Withings offers a comprehensive suite of products. They offer compatible blood pressure monitors, activity trackers, scales and sleep analyzers. Get weight, blood pressure, resting pulse and sleep data all from Withings.
  • BodyMedia
    Bodymedia will track your daily activity and sleep, as well as offering weight and calorie management.

To use any of these trackers, simply sign in to My.Digifit and go to the Partners page. Scroll down to “Devices” and choose the option you wish to link and click “Link Account”. You can also link in the app under Health -> Health Partners -> Devices.

Link your Digifit account with compatible devices

Manual Entry

However, if you have a tracker that is not compatible with Digifit, then you can manually input the values. This is a great way to stay up to date with all of your information and see the effect that exercise and activity has on your other health metrics.

Please read our blog posts below on how to manually add and delete health entries:

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