Getting Started with SPINPower

Track your SPINPower® workouts on the iPhone with the Spinning app. Tracking progress has never been easier. Power, cadence, speed, kj, heart rate and more on your iPhone.

To track SPINPower on your iPhone, you’ll need a bike, a Spinning Connect™ heart rate monitor, an iPhone 5 or 6 and an app/upgrade:

1. Spinner® Blade ION™ features an innovative power meter that has proven effective in maximizing training efficiency and enhancing fitness and performance for cyclists of all levels.

2. Spinning Connect™ is a heart rate monitor chest strap that connects your iPhone to the Blade ION Spinning computer. Available for purchase soon from (Note: Polar, Garmin and all other heart rate monitors are not compatible with SPINPower.)

3. Spinning App with Elite: The Spinning app is available in the App Store as a free download. Upgrade to Spinning Elite fr full access to all app and online functionality including SPINPower, assessments, heart rate training, progress over time and more. Elite is available for only $19.99 per year.

For more information about the SPINPower program, visit


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