SPINPower: Personal Spinning Threshold (PST) Test

A Personal Spinning Threshold Test (PST) informs the creation of customized SPINPower® training zones and post-ride data analysis so riders can to monitor and evaluate progress, gauge workout intensity and compare results over time. This blog post will explain how to launch, track and use your PST results to create power zones.

The PST consists of a 10 minute warmup and back to back two minute ramps. Your goal is to maintain your cadence target while increasing resistance by 5-20 watts for each ramp. When the resistance is too heavy and you can no longer maintain your cadence, end the PST by sliding the heart icon at the bottom of the screen.

First, check out the blog post on what you need to get started with SPINPower program. Be sure to pair your Spinning Connect heart rate monitor before arriving to Spinning class.

1. From the Home Screen, select SPINPower from the carousel.

2. Tap Workouts -> Launch PST

3. Read through the description and instructions. Tap Launch.

4. Agree to the Exercise Disclaimer and tap OK.

5. Follow the wizard to connect to the Spinner® Blade ION™ .  

4. Tap Start

5. Warm up for 10 minutes.

6. Follow the instructions to prepare for each ramp. Maintain your RPM target. Slide the heart icon to end or pause your workout.

7. To set-up your power zones, select the last completed two minute ramp. Tap OK or Select Another to confirm your Avg Watts for power zones.

8. Tap Set Default (located in the upper right hand corner) to use these power zones in future SPINPower workouts.


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