Digifit and HealthKit Integration Delayed by Apple Bug

Digifit prides itself at being on the forefront of Health and Fitness technology. iOS 8 was released on September 17th, and with it the new Apple HealthKit. The HealthKit is an exciting innovation that will allow iPhone users to see all of their health data in one place.

However, here we are 5 days later and still no HealthKit compatible version of Digifit. What gives?

Unfortunately the release of the iOS 8 compatible version of Digifit has been delayed because of a bug in the Apple HealthKit. Initial word says that Apple hopes to fix the issue by the end of the month, however we have not had any updates since then.

As soon as Apple resumes accepting HealthKit integrated iOS 8 apps, Digifit will submit version 7.80 with the hopes of a quick approval. For now, the ball is in Apple’s court.

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  1. Ryan Cramer says:

    thank you for posting this. i was wondering why there were no apps in the app store that worked with it.

  2. George MacDonald says:

    Thanks. I was wondering if Digifit was even going to participate with the Health app. Keep us posted!

  3. Many thanks for the update.
    Will the new Digifit release receive data from Apple HealthKit or only upload workouts? In other words, will we still need to link our Withings scale and MyFitnessPal accounts to the Digifiti app, or will Digifit pull this information from Apple HealthKit in future?

  4. Don C. Davis says:

    That's what we were hoping to hear

  5. I'm really disappointed that ANT+ won't be supported. My app already updated to version 8, and it is buggy – e.g., it doesn't work in landscape mode. I have an iphone5 btw.

    Do you have recommendations of other apps that do support ANT+?

  6. A Will Vella says:

    With the release of 8.0.2 I upgrade my Digitfit app, but when I try to 'enable' sharing with HealthKit, DigiFit crashes. Anyone else have better luck?

  7. Potor Szilveszter says:

    Egy rakás gané, amit az Apple csinál!!

  8. Cristina Francesca Greyling says:

    Endomondo and MyFitnessPal already work with Health. When can we expect the iCardio and other digifit upgrades?

  9. Cristina Francesca Greyling says:

    Endomondo and MyFitnessPal already work with iOS8 Health. When can we expect the iCardio and other digifit upgrades?

  10. Cristina Francesca Greyling says:

    Wahoo Fitness and MyFitnessPal already work with iOS8 Health app. When can we expect the iCardio and other digifit apps upgrades?

  11. Steve Ellis says:

    When attempting to pair the app with Health kit, the digifit app crashes. Any ideas?

  12. When can we expect the digifit update now that ios8 has been patched?

  13. any update? Most every other app is updated and working with HealthKit. Where is 7.8?

  14. Konstantinos Koutsoukos says:

    Any news regarding the integration of Digifit and Spinning apps with HealthKit? Bug is supposed to be fixed when iOS 8.0.2 was out last September.

  15. Planning Runtastic migration if no news this week!

  16. Dave Healey says:

    Why doesn't digifit support HealthKit, I'm starting to populate all my fitness data into HealthKit with apps like withings, myfitnesspro etc, but my workouts data is missing because digifit is dragging its feet.
    Anyone suggest an alternative fitness app that supports HRM's that works with HealthKit?

  17. I noticed the iOS 8 release is out. My phone updated earlier today. Worked fine initially then had some weirdness when access the Health app. Phone would freeze then restart. I eventually reset settings and things settled down. About to try again this PM.

  18. The apps finally made it through the approval process, which is great. You should have the update available. We have gotten reports of people being disappointed about the fact we aren't synching back historical data, or partner supplied data. Of course, Apple says we shouldn't do partner stuff (nothing we don't originate), and as far as historical, we are looking into it, but the complications when dealing with multiple devices and sites are bigger than they may seem. Even Apple doesn't bring the data from one device to another (which surprises us too a little). But it is live!


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