SPINPower: Connect to Blade ION in Seconds with Fast Track

After you’ve completed and are comfortable with the steps to connect your Spinning app to the Spinner® Blade ION™, you are ready to graduate to Fast Track.

Fast Track is a built in short cut so you can connect quickly without interacting with the wizard screens.

To connect using Fast Track, begin your SPINPower workout as normal by tapping Quickstart from the home screen. Follow all of the steps as you normally do:

1. Begin pedaling and look for a blinking heart rate icon on your Spinning computer.

2. If the heart icon is not blinking, tap/hold the “M” button until the heart icon blinks.

3. While the heart icon is blinking, remove your Spinning Connect heart rate monitor from your chest and place the peanut on top of the ANT+ symbol on your Spinning Computer. If the heart icon stops flashing, tap/hold the “M” button again until it begins blinking.

4. Wait for a “Connected.” If you receive “No Blade ION Found” tap retry and repeat the process of tap/hold the “M” button. If you cannot connect, read more troubleshooting steps.

If you have trouble with Fast Tracker, begin using the instructions on the wizard screens and tap Next to advance. Visit our troubleshooting guide for additional help on connection issues.


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