The Saddle- More Than a Running Tool

Testimonial by Digifit Employee Brandon K.

Let’s first get the obvious out of the way- I work for Digifit. They toss a salary my way so I can throw food down my gullet, wash dirt off my body and find a shelter to shield me from the harsh Santa Barbara winters, so obviously I think they are kind of cool. That may make me digest the world through Digifit-colored lenses, but I will try to treat my bias like an unruly patron and kindly show it the door. Now that we got the nitty gritty out of the way, lets get to the meat and potatoes of this hypothetical supper.

Confession- I am not a big runner. Never have been. Sure, I embark on the occasional Saturday or Sunday saunter to stimulate my sweat glands, but I have always been drawn to other activities when I need to get an exercise fix. So while I saw how innovative the Digifit Saddle would be for runners, walkers, and joggers, I never really saw a way that I could use it.

Looking back, I might as well have went under the knife for a brain transplant, because I have certainly changed my mind.

My issue was looking at the Saddle strictly as an exercise tool, when in reality it can be used for so much more. What the Saddle really does is unlock the immense and seemingly unlimited power of your iPhone, allowing you to wield it over the world around you. It is like having one of those cool new “smart” watches, only at a quarter of the price.

Unlock the power of your iPhone with the Saddle

Here is a quick take on some of my favorite uses for the Saddle:

  • Cooking Consultant– I consider myself to be the Don of the kitchen, and my iPhone is my consigliere. I use it to set timers, look up recipes, listen to music in the kitchen and much more. It is rare that I have two free hands while brewing up my latest culinary classic, so if the phone is in my pocket or on the countertop I would constantly have to stop what I was doing before reaching for the phone. That longstanding issue might as well be the War of 1812, because it is history.
  • Office Aid– As I travel through my daily routine at Digifit, it is helpful to have my iPhone always within arms reach. Often I have left it on my desk only to realize I have forgotten it when it is too late. With the Saddle, not only do I always have easy access to phone calls and texts throughout the day, I also have an arithmetic assistant when I need to pull up a calculator for some quick math, a neat notetaker during meetings, a reliable rolodex when I need to save a contact, or a rapid researcher when I need to pull up some information on the fly. It’s like having a secretary straddled on my wrist.
  • Housework Harmonizer– I’m a bit of a music junky. If I am doing any type of menial task, I need sweet MP3 artistry bouncing around my skull and energizing my body. Before the Saddle (aka the “Dark Ages”), I would keep my iPhone in my pocket while working around the house or outside. Unfortunately, I have the short attention span that comes with all mush-minded Millennials, so I would constantly find myself doing a new dance called the ChangeTheSong. Basically it consists of me pausing what I am doing, exploring my pocket for my ever elusive iPhone, bringing it in front of my face and searching for a new song to listen to. Two to three minutes pass, then rinse, recycle and repeat.
    -WARNING! Do not try to impress people with the ChangeTheSong on the dance floor. You will get stares. And not the good kind. The “you are super creepy” kind-

    But with the Saddle, all I have to do is take quick look at my wrist and tap the Next button. It is so easy a Caveman can do it. Or a lizard. Or a baby. Whatever is happening with insurance commercials nowadays, it is that easy.

Those three are just the tip of the iceberg! The Saddle can be your Camera Caddy, Origami Orchestrator, Traveling Translator, and much more! How do you use the Saddle?

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  1. Brent Keller says:

    My son Brandon's article from the March Digifit newsletter

  2. Paul Hendrickx says:

    so where is the saddle for the majority of other phones ?


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