2013- A Year of Success

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2013 was a year of success. These 5 Digifit users broke down any and all barriers that stood in the way of meeting their goals. Make 2014 your year to succeed!

Success Story

Josh Lost 200+ Pounds With Digifit

“I topped out at over 400 lbs. about 2 years ago. I got to a point where I felt concerned about my health. So I made a commitment to myself: we are going to drop some damn poundage!”

Success Story

Anthony Keeps Heart Smart

“I’m thirty years old and I need open heart surgery. My surgeon told me that in the meantime, to keep my heart rate under 140/150 BPM. I imagined… this would be a difficult task.”

Success Story

Heather Went From Size 16 to 4

“I was 5′ 3″ and around 179 pounds. January 2013 rolled around, and I made my annual “I’m going to lose weight” resolution, only this time I was ready to make some serious changes.”

Success Story

Blind Ambition- Tim’s Quest for Gold

“As I lost my eye sight, I lost the ability to do some of my favorite things…I began to do research and found out that… since I’m blind I qualify as a Para-athlete.”

Success Story

Greg’s 53 & Feels 23

“I can say at 53 years old, I am in better shape than I have ever been! I competed in two Bodybuilding competitions, the Masters 40+ and Masters 50+, placed in the top 5 and brought home some hardware!”


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