No Voice Feedback During Assessments

Digifit Fitness Assessments are an excellent way to track your Fitness Level, as well as create custom Heart Rate Zones and more. The great thing about assessments is that they have detailed instructions that are given to you via voice feedback.

However, some users have found that when they begin an Assessment, they do not get any voice feedback.

If that is the case, please open the app and, go to Settings -> App Preferences -> Sync Log. There should be a check next to “Voice Sets”.

If not, or if you still do not have voice feedback, tap the Retry button next to Voice Sets.

Tap Retry next to Voice Sets

If you still are not receiving voice feedback, the next step would be to delete and re-download the app.

1. Make note of your Digifit username and password. You can find your username under Settings -> My Profile, under Email
2. Perform a sync by tapping the sync button on the “Results” page
3. Hold app icon until “x” shows in left corner. Tap x to delete.
4. Go to app store and download the Digifit free app.
5. Choose existing user, enter user name and password, tap login and perform sync.

If you are still having issues getting voice feedback during an Assessment, contact Customer Support


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