The New and Improved Digifit Group Leaderboard Page

In May Digifit introduced the MVP upgrade, along with the ability to create a Group Leaderboard. Well, since then things have changed.

Digifit is proud to announce the new and improved groups page, featuring more customization and features to truly find a home for you and your fitness friends.

To get started:

  1. First upgrade to a
    <href=””>MVP. This will award you one group credit, which will allow you to create a group.
  2. Login to My.Digifit, then click the “Groups” tab on the top right.
  3. Click the “Start a Group” link on the bottom right. From there you will be prompted to “Create a Group”.

    Enter in your group information

    The “Full Privacy” option should only be selected if you do not wish for any workout or profile information to be shared with other members in the group. If you would like for everyone to view all relevant information, turn Full Privacy off. Click “Save” when done.

  4. You will now be taken to your group page. This page will come preloaded with your member roster, a team info bar, and a feed for the Digifit blog.

    This is your default group page. Click the three lines icon in the upper left to edit your page

  5. You can add other widgets, edit the current ones, or change the layout of the page. To do so, tap the three lines icon in the upper left. This will open up the Group settings:

    An overview of all of the options:

      • Group Settings

    This option allows you to change your group name, group password, and other general information. Same options as number 3 above.

      • Administer Users

    This option is only available for the Administrator(s) of the group. From this page you can invite new users and make users an admin.

      • Edit Mode

    Turning Edit Mode on allows you to edit widgets already on your group page. When edit mode is turned on, you can now click and drag widgets to place them in a different location, click the “x” button to delete the widget or click the pencil icon to make changes to the widget. Turn Edit Mode off when you are done making changes.

      • Page Layout

    Choose from a variety of different page layouts to change the look and feel of your groups page

      • Widgets

    See number 6 below

      • Reset to Default

    This will reset your page to the default, same as number 4 above.

      • My Permissions

    This option appears for all members. Here, they can choose what information they wish to share with the rest of the group. Options include Workout Information, Phone Number, Photo, Name, and Email.

  6. Widgets are the key to customizing your Digifit group page. You have 6 widget options:
      • Coach’s Corner

    Here you can post a group motto, an inspirational quote, or simply a message to the rest of the team.

      • Blog Feed

    You can easily link to an existing blog feed. You will need to know the blog feed URL and specify what you want to show.

      • Member Roster

    This is ON by default. This will list all of them members of your group, along with all of the information they have given permission for members to view (See “My Permissions” above).

      • Member Leaderboard

    This will create a sortable leaderboard featuring a variety of stats you can choose from:

    Choose which stats will display on the member leaderboard


  7. Facebook (beta)
  8. Allow members to comment to your group’s profile using their Facebook account. As an admin you will control who has full moderator privileges over the comments. This widget is in beta, but should function properly.


  9. Team Info
  10. If this is a group for a coach and members of their classes, you can provide information such as time to meet, where to meet, etc.

    Enter in your team’s information

Now you have all of the information you need to get a group started and utilize some of the exciting new functionality. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support.


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