Digifit App Cannot Run in The Background if App Refresh Off

iOS 7 from Apple brought about a bevy of changes, some obvious and well known, some not so well known. Well one of those not so well known changes has caused some issues for Digifit users.

Many users have reported that the app will stop tracking runs and workouts if you leave the app (say to watch Netflix) or if you put the screen to sleep to save battery. This is caused by a feature in iOS that introduces the ability to turn Background App Refresh on and off. Background app refresh “allows apps to refresh their content when… in the background”. Make sure this feature is turned ON for Digifit, and you can track your workouts with the app in the background.

You can find this feature under iOS Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh.

Make sure Background App Refresh is turned on for Digifit

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  1. James Rubins says:

    THIS was very helpful information….that I did NOT get from the DigiFit support staff I have been e-mailing…..maybe you should share it with them!!!

  2. Curt McDowell says:

    I had this setting correct and it still stopped recording my workout.


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