August Newsletter- The Saddle Has Landed

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The Saddle Has Landed

A forearm mount for iPhone 4 / 4s & 5

At the heart of Digifit is tracking your exercise to get fit and stay healthy. However, tracking workouts has one caveat; you have to have your phone with you when you exercise.

Many found this to be a deal breaker, as a bicep mount is uncomfortable and difficult to view, and holding the phone in your hand led to the phone getting sweaty and poor running form. So Digifit rolled up its sleeve up and went to work finding a solution.

The result is The Saddle, an iPhone mount that rests comfortably on your forearm, allowing for easy access to your Phone and Digifit workouts. The Saddle will ship out on August 28, so order today and for a limited time receive free shipping!

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  1. Sherry Burlingame says:

    Does the saddle accommodate the ANT+ dongle? Is it 5s and 5c compatible?


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