View Your Workout Stats With Ease With The Saddle

If you know anything about Digifit, you know we love our workout metrics. We love seeing our bright and beautiful heart rate chart, using the Pace chart to do a pace and distance based structured workout, keeping track of your CPM and much more! That is a big part of what went into our design of The Saddle, enabling users to easily view and access their iPhone while on the go!

All you need to do is properly mount the Saddle, and then viewing your workout metrics and more are as easy as checking the time on a wristwatch!

View your workout metrics with ease with The Saddle

Never workout in ignorance again. The Saddle allows you to check your Digifit workout stats with ease, change your music, or access your phone in any other way. Saddle up today!

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3 Responses so far...

  1. Joshua Ficek says:

    what will they think of next?

  2. Steve Buie says:

    Does this measure your heart rate?

  3. Jeremiah Goddard says:

    it doesn't look like it does actually track you're heartbeat, they missed the mark on that one in my opinion. I would have bought this for sure then.


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