I Can’t Imagine Training for My Marathon Without Digifit and The Saddle

Testimonial by Digifit User Bob C.

I have been using Digifit for several years. It is a great tool to have right on my phone when I am out for a run, and I have found myself really excited about the app now that I’m training for a marathon. My two goals for this marathon are to improve my pace and avoid injury.

A few years back I ran a marathon with a time completed of over 4:00 hours. My next race, in November, I’m training to complete the race in under 4 hours. Some of my favorite features in Digifit like laps and voice feedback assist with setting and maintaining my pace. My laps are set to record every 1/4 mile and voice feedback announces all of states for that distance. This ensures I’m training to maintain a 9:10 min/mile so that I can finish my marathon in under 4 hours.

Recently, I’ve starting wearing a heart rate monitor, the Polar H7. I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate my heart rate feedback which has helped avoid injury so far and keep my training safe. For example, on hot days when my heart rate climbs close to my Max heart rate, I hear the voice feedback notification and slow or stop until my HR recovers. I don’t want to overtrain or push myself past my limits, and with the help of the voice feedback I feel safe and comfortable.

Bob is not a fan of bicep iPhone armbands

Having said all of that, carrying my iPhone while running was not ideal for a few reasons. I sweat a lot and especially on hot days, I worried that my iPhone would slip out of my hands. So I used a bicep armband and kept my iPhone in a plastic bag. This worked all right, except I couldn’t access or see Digifit or my phone while running.

I also found the armband uncomfortable. I am a bit of a minimalist when I run, and having this big bulky strap on my bicep, at least in my mind, was weighing me down.

I heard about The Saddle and that Digifit was looking for some help beta testing. The Saddle goes on my wrist instead of my upper arm, and because of that I could see my iPhone screen easily. Starting, pausing and ending my workouts was finally easy to accomplish. Checking my screen was a breeze, too. Also, because of the location, sweat is no longer an issue.

It also is quite comfortable, so I really don’t even notice it. I plan to wear The Saddle on race day to track with Digifit. This will be the first time that take any phone or technology during a race. I can’t wait to share my stats when I come in under 4 hours!

I have been using The Saddle for only three weeks now, and I can’t imagine running without it!

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