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Digifit Workouts Can No Longer Be Shared With Strava

On July 8, 2013, in Digifit News, Tips and How Tos, by Brandon Keller

Strava is not granting access to it’s API to all developers, so sharing a Digifit workout to Strava will no longer work.

The partnership between Digifit and Strava, for the time being, is no more.

Strava has renewed their APIs and is no longer granting access to all developers, Digifit included. Strava is hoping to re-launch another API program in the future, but has no immediate estimate on when that will happen.

Unfortunately, as a result, we have been forced to completely remove Strava integration. We know how important this feature has been for our customers and we will do everything we can to resolve this situation. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

As a workaround, you can import .tcx or .gpx files to Strava. First export the workout from Digifit, then import it to Strava.

In the meantime, Digifit has a plethora of other share partners, such as Runkeeper and Daily Mile, or you can just view your workouts on My Digifit.

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3 Responses to “Digifit Workouts Can No Longer Be Shared With Strava”

  1. I'm trying to export in order to manual import to Strava and although it says it sent an email to the address in my profile, I get no emails. I've tried from the App and from the website, after syncing, still no email, and nothing in my junk mailbox either?

  2. Kevin Morgan says:

    I am posting the following trouble ticket I recently had with Strava prior to this disappointing revelation – Strava Customer Support] Re: Ticket #117291: Email Account settings, history of activities and leaderboards. Unable to share Jun 28, 2013 Feed history — Bad email typo address.

    Hi Lauren,

    I need your help again. On or about July 3 there was a partner issue between Strava and Wahoo Fitness, where Wahoo Fitness was having Sharing authentication issues with Strava user IDs and passwords. The error message had indicated that both companies Engineers were aware of the server connection problems and were working collaboratively with each other on a resolution … my words, but that’s the gist as I don’t have a screen capture from my iPhone to share with you.

    Shortly thereafter the Strava and Wahoo Fitness partnering issue had been resolved. However, I have discovered another problem with the app Digifit, where they have a Partner Setup where Activity can be authenticated with Strava and RunKeeper. I was able to setup my RunKeeper Account with Digifit but My Strava Account krmorgan@nc.rr.com with my valid password. I use the encrypted LastPass for managing (copy and paste) my user ids and passwords between multiple devices (screen capture #1). 2nd screen capture #2 shows me inputting the two fields, then executing login and encountering once again “Login Failed Wrong username and password.” (screen capture #3).

    I don’t feel as if I should have to raise another incident on Strava and also a separate one on Digifit. My reasons are because I have experienced too many defective trends when dealing with Strava Partners authentications and even the issue with my Strava user ID/email having been changed, also earlier this year in March/April I was having Facebook authentication issues within the Strava app.

    Can you please escalate my Quality Assurance concerns to your QA Software Delivery teams as I don’t feel as if Strava has an effective run rules control over the master data records when it comes down to individual accounts. This issue continues to be an Achilles’ heel to Strava and is surprising considering Strava has such a good reputation among avid cyclist and runners. I have posted feedback on Digifit’s Facebook blog.

    Please let me know what the next steps are to resolve my frustrations!

    Thanks, Kevin

    P.S. I just logged into DigiFit using web browser and saw the following disappointing notice. My expectations have been that there is not a single app producer out there that can provide all of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) customer configurations possible with the data retention/sharing and displaying variable Key Performance Indexes (KPI) attributes. Customers demand an open software architecture as opposed to every producers proprietary hardware devices such as the new low power smart Bluetooth monitor sensor Devices (heart, speed/cadence, power, stride sensors, etc).

  3. Kelly Kirby-Piovarcy says:

    I received the following response from a message sent to Strava.

    Jul 30 06:53 am (PDT):I'm sorry for the trouble you're having trouble with the DigiFit app. We recently deprecated our older API versions which DigitFit was using to upload to Strava. We're now working with the DigiFit developers to get them set up with our new V3 API.

    They'll have an updated app available soon that will resolve this problem, but I don't have specific timing on its release.


    Strava Product Team

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