Getting Started with Leaderboards and Digifit MVP

Upgrade to Digifit MVP Premium Membership and have access to Leaderboards, a new Digifit feature which allows users to create communities. This will allow fitness friends and workout partners to see other members progress, stats and more. First, here is how to get started:
Each Group is structured to have one group owner and one (or more) administrators (admin). The group is good for up to 25 total members. The owner of the group has permission to add and delete users as well as assign group roles, while Admins have the same permission, except they cannot make anyone an owner as there is only one owner per group.

Creating a Group
The group owner must have an MVP subscription with Digifit.  For information on our MVP subscription, please see here. With the MVP subscription, the group owner will be assigned one group credit, which is required to start a group. Also available is the Premium Trainer Subscription, which will allow more than one group credit and the ability to start multiple groups. To create a group:

1. Login to My.Digift -> Groups
2. Under Statistics you should see the option “you have X group credits”
3. Select “Start a Group”
4. Enter your Group name, password, and description. You can also add a group photo, as well as a custom Digifit URL to make your group easier to find to new members
5. Tap Save

This is what the group page will look like if you are an admin. We chose to name this test group Spider Monkey!

To invite users to a group:

1. Go to Groups -> Admin
2. Select your group (if you have more than one group)
3. Select Invite users – be sure to include commas between email addresses

Each group can only have a maximum of 20 users. If you want more than 20 users, you need to create a second group with an additional group credit. Invited members should receive an email containing the Group name and password

Users may also request to join a group.  To do this:

1. Go to Groups -> Join Group
2. Enter in the Group name and password (note that these are case sensitive)

Managing users
Users can be added, deleted, and assigned roles from the same group admin page. You can assign the role of user or admin. There can only be one owner for a group. The group owner can’t be deleted until the role has been assigned to another member in the group

Editing Group Info
The group owner and any admins may edit group information.

To change group photo:
1. Drag your cursor to the group photo and click change in the bottom right corner
2. Choose photo and click save

To change cover photo:
1. Drag your cursor to the background photo and click change in the bottom right corner
2. Choose photo and click save

To edit group information:
1. Drag your cursor to the group name displayed below the group photo
2. Click the grey pencil that appears to the left of the title
3. You should now have to option to edit group name, password, website, and description
4. Click Save

The Group Leaderboard
The group statistics can be viewed from the Leaderboard. To access the leaderboard, go to Groups -> Group name (or Groups -> more -> group name if you own/are a member of several groups). On this page, you can view group as well as individual statistics. The statistics will include number of workouts, heartbeats, calories, total distance, and duration. These metrics should include all workout data in Digifit.

The Digifit Group Leaderboard

Coming soon: the ability for owners to log into individual users’ accounts to view their workout detail.

MVP Subscription
MVP Subscription $49.95 / yr

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