Now available with MVP – Achievement and Summary Emails

Digifit now features Summary and Achievement emails available with MVP. What’s an accomplishment without notoriety? As if the crazy antics of Dancing Andy were not enough, now you’ll have emails to offer you the recognition you deserve or the encouragement you need to get moving!

Achievement Emails

Achievement emails are triggered with new personal records. You must have at least 3 workouts in any workout type to begin logging your personal records. Your PRs can be found at -> Workouts -> My Best. Achievements will include longest duration and distance, highest calorie burn, highest cal/min burn, and best heart rate recovery. Check out this achievement below for heart rate recovery for a Bike workout. Remember – PRs are independent across workout type. Your best workout recovery for bike will not equal that for running!


Summary Emails

Summary emails will contain either your weekly or monthly workout stats (see below). If you are linked to Fitbit, your steps information will also display here.


MVP Subscription
MVP Subscription $49.95 / yr


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