Pairing Your Zephyr HXM with Digifit


Digifit iCardio is compatible with the Zephyr HXM Heart Rate Monitor on Android. So now strap up with your Zephyr and follow these easy pairing steps to get off and tracking in no time!

1. First wet the electrodes on the strap of your Zephyr HXM to increase conductivity and put it on
2. Go to your Android Settings
3. Tap Wireless & Network
4. Tap Bluetooth Settings
5. Make Sure Bluetooth is ON. When ON, tap Scan Devices
6. Your Heart Rate Belt should appear as HXM______ below “Bluetooth devices”. Tap to pair and enter in PIN 1234 to pair

Type in PIN 1234

7. Your Zephyr will now be paired. To delete a pairing, tap and and hold “HXM______”, and choose to unpair
8. Open your Digifit app and go to Settings -> My Sensors, and tap Heart so the check is orange

Your heart rate monitor is Paired!

Your heart rate monitor is now paired with Digifit and you are ready to workout! If for some reason you have paired your heart belt but are not able to acquire your heart belt during a workout, try turning off your Bluetooth in your settings, wait 10 seconds, then turn back on.

Digifit is compatible with the Zephyr HXM for iPhone 4S/5, as well as the iPad Mini, iPad 3 and 4 and iPod Touch 5. Because these monitors use Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone 4S, you do not need a Digifit Connect to track heart rate. Follow these steps to pair:

  1. Place the heart rate monitor around your chest. Be sure to lightly wet the electrodes. This allows the sensors to have an easier time reading your pulse.
  2. Open your Digifit app and tap Settings
  3.  Then tap My Sensors
  4. You will see a list of available sensors that Digifit is compatible with. You will see an option for Bluetooth Smart. Swipe the slider to the “ON” position.
  5. A screen should appear saying “Connecting to sensor via Bluetooth Low Energy”.
  6. Once it has connected with the heart rate monitor you are ready to workout with your Bluetooth Heart rate monitor!

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