Improved Digifit Workout Routines and Auto-Recovery

A cool feature in version 6.6 of Digifit is the ability to have your custom routine and corresponding Digifit workout automatically end when you have completed your final interval. Prior to this, the workout would continue, only without any feedback about intervals. Now, all you have to do is turn “Auto End Routine” ON when you are creating your workout, and your workout will end when you are done with your final interval. If you also want to do a recovery, turn “Auto Recovery” ON and after the last interval you automatically will start your recovery.

Turn Auto End Routine and Auto Recovery on

Also, we made some aesthetic changes. Previously on the Digifit home page, you had two options, Quick start and Workouts. Tap Quick Start and you were taken to a workout that would automatically begin in 5 seconds. Tap Workouts and… well it was not exactly clear. You were taken to a jumbled and confusing page, making it difficulty to find your structured workouts and fitness assessments. Well, using a mix of elbow grease, programming know how, and a little magic, your problem is solved! In version 6.6, you now have an easy to navigate workouts page, so you can choose a fitness assessment, access your sensors page and more!

Your easier, more simple workouts page

Finally, to edit a workout, tap on the workout you wish to edit. Once you view the workout, scroll to the bottom of the workout view and you can see an “Edit” button. Tap that button to make changes to the workout.

Tap on the workout you wish to edit

Tap “Edit Routine” to make changes to your Digifit Routine

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