Turn Off Lock Screen Push Notifications

Push notifications can make you distraught, but read on my friend it may help you a lot

You go to the gym at dusk, no not dawn,
You are shocked to see your battery’s nearly gone.
You want to save battery so what do you do?
Lock your iPhone screen and hope it stays true.

But midway through your workout what do you find?
A push notification and your teeth start to grind.
“Why would this be?” you ask yourself with rage,
“My battery is dying, I feel like an animal caged!”

But wait, we at Digifit have a fix,
Open the iPhone settings and see our neat trick.
Go to the Notifications option near the top,
And surely soon the notifications will stop.

Go to Digifit and scroll all the way down,
“View in Lock Screen” should be somewhere around.
Turn it off and you will find with delight,
Push Notifications will no longer bother you tonight!


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