September Newsletter – Strava, RunKeeper and James Ketchell

In this issue: More Sharing Options | James Ketchell | Part II Dean’s Half | Giovanni Masi| Full Version

Sharing Workouts

More Places to Upload

Do you enjoy cycling with Strava or running with RunKeeper, but love the heart training features of Digifit even more? Now you can exercise with Digifit and still preserve your workout log at your old online site. Upload your Digifit workout results directly to one or more of our upload friendly sites including Strava, RunKeeper, Daily Mile, Facebook, Twitter, TrainingPeaks, Lose It! and more.

Digifit is also now compatible with iOS6. Download version 6.31 to exercise using iOS6 on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5. Read more.