Pairing Your Polar H7 with Digifit on the Android

I am a big believer in fate. More than simple serendipity has brought you and the Polar H7 together. It is your Destiny, and the only time you turn your back on Destiny is if she is an angry and abusive “dancer” at a bar with an exotic animal in the name. Fulfill your fate, and pair your Polar H7 with everyone’s favorite fitness tracker, the app that put Cardio on the map, Digifit iCardio for the Android.

It is essential to make a gentle first contact with the H7; do not make any sudden movements as to scare it. Lightly dab water, saliva, or gel onto the underside of the monitor to strengthen the electrode connection. See, now you and the belt have some real chemistry going. Next, put the strap on, placing it on the top of your ribcage right below your chest.

Next, turn on the Bluetooth settings in the iPhone and pair the Polar H7.

1. Go to your Android Settings
2. Tap Wireless & Network

Choose Wireless & Network

3. Tap Bluetooth Settings

Tap Bluetooth settings

4. Make Sure Bluetooth is ON. If ON, tap Scan Devices
5. Your Heart Rate Belt should appear as Polar H7 below “Bluetooth devices”. Tap to pair
6. Your H7 will now be paired. To delete a pairing, tap and and hold “Polar H7″, and choose to un-pair
7. Open your Digifit app and go to Settings -> My Sensors, and tap Heart so the check is orange
8. Choose Bluetooth Smart (BLE/4.0) HRM from the menu that comes up

Tap Bluetooth Smart (BLE/4.0) to pair

9. You will then be taken back to the Bluetooth devices menu. Choose the Polar H7, and now your HRM is paired.

Start a workout wearing your H7 and you are ready to finally realize your health and fitness destiny!

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  1. Keith Webb says:

    9/21/2012. This does not work yet with the android.
    Razr phone. Still say it is NOT supported.

  2. Edward Hor says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (International Version). With the "Bluetooh Smart Scanner" app I can see the Polar H7 but your app says my handset is not compatible :.

  3. Any timeline on addressing the lack of support for the H7 on Razr Maxx phones?


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