My Lake Tour on a Paddleboard

Dad on his paddleboard.

This summer, I paddleboarded on a lake in beautiful Wisconsin. The lakes and rivers were noticeably lower as a result of the drought (more on that later) but generally not an issue with paddling around. The weather was a perfect 75 degrees with calm conditions.

I tracked our paddleboarding expedition using Digifit while wearing my iPhone in a DryCASE around my neck. This really cool accessory is a must have for water and beach sports because it not only protects from water and sand, it also floats. (And since I forgot to remove my Fitbit from my pocket, I was able to later add it to the DryCASE.) Dad and I carried out boards down to the pier and set off for a fun cruise around the lake.

As we passed the houses along Shore Drive, we waved to the friendly neighbors and a small black dog chased us along shoreline. Then, after rounding the small peninsula, the popular beach area came into view. This part of the ride hugs the main traffic road and as the cars slowed to the city speed limit, we enjoyed the stereo music coming from the open windows of cars passing by. We saw lot’s of kids swimming and diving off the platform. Ahhh…summer at the lake house.

Paddling through the lily pads.

It was time to explore. We left the beach area and headed towards the back of the lake where a day earlier I discovered a small pathway between a sea of lily pads that rounded an island, home to only animals that fly. We came up to the clearing and noticed the waters became very shallow. It wasn’t more than 2.5 feet deep and paddling through the narrow path felt surreal. We stopped paddling as we approached a heron who took notice and soon flew away. The frogs and crickets were in full chorus. Another ahhh moment…

We paddled along more lily pads as we headed back home. And then onto open water. The lake was calm and beautiful and we waved to a kayaker who was launching his boat. As we paddled closer to home, we decided to check out a weeping willow tree that proudly hung over the water. The clearance that hugged the shore was like an invitation and as we paddled through, the frogs and minnows cleared the way. It took only 52 minutes and 1.38 miles to circle the lake. It was a great ride and within a few days, my seven year old did the same ride with me on her own board. In fact, these boards were sturdy enough to hold two people each so we toured the lake as a family, too.

Read about how to track paddleboarding and more using the “Other” workout catagory.

My iPhone in a DryCASE.

Map of my lake tour.

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