Music Based Structured Workouts

I will take cash or check, Dr. Smucker

If you are like me, you love jamming to your music. I listen to music at work, in the shower, going to sleep, and especially when I work out. I am jamming so much Smucker’s should have me on payroll. I mean, Bob Marley and his Wailers may think they are jamming, but if they think they jam harder than me they must have forgotten to tie their shoes because they straight tripping.

If you are a jamming aficionado like me, then Digifit has you covered. You can create custom workouts based on music from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Custom workouts are great for heart zone training and easy to create if your playlists are all ready to go. If you are a Spinning instructor, use custom workouts to plan your Spinning class. First, select your desired playlist, then add corresponding heart zones to each song. You can even add a song if you’ve forgotten to include it on the playlist. Follow these steps:

1. Go to Home -> Workouts, and under routines tap “Create & Edit Routines”
2. Tap Music Workout
3. Choose whether you would like the playlist based on a playlist or just choose song by song
4. If you choose playlist, choose the playlist and it will auto-populate all of your intervals. If not, tap on “Choose song” next to an interval
5. From here, follow the steps for either a heart rate based workout or a Pace and Distance based workout

Tap Song by Song or Playlist

Tap “Choose Song” to add a song


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