Sync Digifit with the Fitbit Aria Scale

You can either link with your Fitbit Aria Scale on My Digifit or in the iOS version of Digifit vwithin the app so you can see your weight entries on My Digifit.

My Digifit

1. Login to with your Digifit username and password.
2. Tap Health -> Activity -> Link Accounts.
3. Enter your Fitbit login/email and password to authorize the link.

In App

1. Tap Health -> Health Partners
2. Tap Fitbit -> Link Account
3. Enter in your email address and password, and tap allow

Enter in your Fitbit login and password, and tap Allow

Tap Link Account

4. Tap Done in the upper right. Your account is now linked!

You now will see your Fitbit Aria weights on My Digifit!

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  1. Dan Wink says:

    I can see my results in My Digifit, but in the app, it does not show my weights. Are you planning to add this?


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