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How Fit Are You? Take the 2 Min Digifit Recovery Test

On May 10, 2012, in Tips and How Tos, by Brandon Keller

How fit are you? Take the 2 minute Digifit Heart Rate Recovery test to measure your fitness level.

Heart rate recovery is a great way to assess your fitness level; the quicker your heart rate recovers, the more fit your heart and body is.

Begin your recovery when you are done with your workout and before you slow down or reduce effort in Digifit on your iOS device. To do so, slide to pause your workout, and then tap “Recovery.”

Tap "Recovery" when you have finished your workout

After tapping “Recovery,” Digifit will begin a 2:00 minute countdown and it is now time for you to stop your activity and focus on bringing your heart rate down. Take long (slow) deep breaths, breath through your nose and relax. Watch your recovery on the chart which will show how many beats your heart rate has slowed since the start of the recovery period.

After you have finished your recovery, a recovery summary will be displayed

After 2 minutes, Digifit will display your recovery results including the percent of recovery by minutes. In the example, my heart rate recovered 10% or 18 beats per minute in the first minute. In the second minute, my heart rate recovered 11% or another 19 beats per minutes. My total recovery over two minutes was 21% or by 37 beats. These results generally show a healthy recovery.

After tapping Done, your recovery stats will show on your Splits screen, and the recovery portion of your workout will be displayed on your Heart Rate Chart.

3 Responses to “How Fit Are You? Take the 2 Min Digifit Recovery Test”

  1. Harley Myler says:

    I am not really clear on this test. I did a 5 K this morning, on a treadmill, and at the end I did a final sprint to a HR of 169. The I told DigiFit to measure recovery. I drew a 33% drop to 114 after 2 minutes. I am 60, you (Brandon) are a 20-something. Either I am super fit or you need to visit a cardiologist!

  2. Harley, that is a good HR recovery. Brandon's is on the edge of being pretty out of shape. What we don't know is how long or intense this example given is.

  3. Armen Bhatti says:

    thats good heart rate recovery tbh .. surely above average!

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