Sync Workouts From Your iPhone to My Digifit

I love My Digifit. What is not to love? You get all of your Digifit data looking you dead in the eyes, like an enraged Puma daring you to make the next move. You can either continue to stare and marvel in awe, or feel that adrenaline pumping and get running (or biking).

Let me show you the way to My Digifit!

Well, I have recently found myself in a state of utter dismay, as many Digifit faithful have written in that they are unsure how to access this wealth of knowledge. It would be like knowing the Sistine Chapel exists, but once you reach Vatican City you just cannot get good directions. Well let me put on my Vatican Swiss guard uniform and lead you to the promised land! Here are instructions on how to get your Digifit workouts and health information from your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android onto your computer via My Digifit.

  1. On your device open Digifit and perform a cloud sync. Go to Results, and tap the “sync” button in the upper left.
  2. Login to with your Digifit username and password, the same username and password you used to register your Digifit app. You can find your username in the app by going to Settings -> Profile, and your username is next to “Account”.
  3. Log in and you should be able to see all of your information.

It is that simple. Whenever you want to send new information to My Digifit from your device, perform a sync, and if you change information on My Digifit and want to get it on your device, just perform a sync!

Digifit also auto syncs after every workout so you get all of your workouts online the second you complete them!


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