Dean Hovey Presenting at Santa Barbara Mobile Meetup

Santa Barbara Mobile presents “Santa Barbara Mobile Startups,” beginning at 5 p.m. April 19 at the new Synergy Business & Technology Center in Santa Barbara, 1 North Calle Cesar Chavez, Suite 102, to spotlight the growing mobile startup dynamics, unique industry pitfalls and the corresponding solutions.

Santa Barbara Mobile invites community members, mobile enthusiasts, business leaders and others to join the third Mobile event featuring local mobile startups as they lead us through their experiences in growing a mobile startup.

The event promises the latest updates on the growing mobile industry, seminars from local mobile entrepreneurs focused on mobile startup evolutions, the challenges of scale and more.

Presenters include Noah benShea, guide, poet, philosopher, Pulitzer Prize-nominated and bestselling author; Dean Hovey, architect of innovative business models, products and experiences, inventor of the first Apple mouse, president and CEO of Digifit, the most comprehensive cardio fitness and health tracking system on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; and Dusty Stutsman, serial entrepreneur, president and CEO of Night Out, a specialized online network of venues and consumers that interact in a real-time community via smart phones or computers.

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