Tracking Sports With Digifit and Bluetooth Low Energy

For me, there is no more fun way to exercise than to go out and play sports. Sure, I will go for runs, rides, or do indoor cardio at the gym, but I am a sport enthusiast and nothing gets me going more than a good game of basketball. Unfortunately, ANT+ did not allow me to track my HR and calories when playing because the ANT+ range is only 12-15 feet, and I don’t think fellow players would appreciate me strapping my iPhone onto my arm.

Basketball is a great way to exercise, but was not always Digi-Friendly

So when it came time to lace up the sneakers and channel my inner LeBron, I had to leave my fantastic fitness friend, Digifit, at home.

I felt as if I was neglecting my little Digi-buddy whenever I went to the gym to play some ball, and carrying that guilt with me onto the court affected my game. I thought I would never find a solution to a dilemma that was threatening to rip apart the very fabric of my basketball life when a gift was delivered to me from the Geniuses/Gods at Apple. I was introduced to iPhone 4s and Bluetooth Low Energy, and my workouts have never been the same.

With the iPhone 4s, a Polar H7 Heart Rate Belt, and Digifit I can now successfully and seamlessly track my heart rate while playing basketball. First I put on my Heart Rate Monitor, pair it with Digifit, and find a safe place to store my iPhone. Then, all I have to do is start the workout with Digifit, go out and play, and after the workout I get a fantastic Heart chart as well as my calories burned with Digifit.

Track your HR while Playing Basketball!

I left my iPhone 4s under some benches near one of the baskets for the game, and sure enough when I returned to my phone close to 2 hours later all of my data is recorded. You can even see my heart rate going down in between games, meaning after the workout I can count how many games I played in and how long each game lasted. In the heart chart above, you can see I played 5 games (with four instances that my HR went down in between games), with the longest game being the fourth game at over 20 minutes.

I could not be happier that I can now track my favorite workout type, and Digifit and I have never felt better about our relationship. I can’t wait to try out Bluetooth Low Energy next time I play soccer, tennis, volleyball, or any other sport!

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  1. Dustin Miller says:

    Looking for a HRM for this exact scenario. This article being two years old now (meaning this reply probably won't even be noticed), have you found any newer model HRMs that might be even better for tracking sports play like basketball, etc?

  2. Hi Dh Mills were you ever able to find any info. on this? i'm also looking into buying a HRM to play some sports.


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