How to Pause or End Your Digifit Workout

If at any point you want to pause or end your Digifit workout, please slide to pause the workout.

Slide the heart from left to right to pause the workout

After doing so, a menu will pop up with 3 options: Resume, Recovery or End Workout

Resme, Recovery or End Workout

Tap whether you want to resume your workout, end it or start a recovery

Your workout is now paused. Tap resume when you are ready to workout again, End Workout if your workout is complete, and Recovery if you would like to track your heart rate recovery over 2 minutes. Also, if you want you can minimize this pop-up menu so you will be able to see your stats and map while paused. Tap the arrow highlighted below to minimize the menu.

In the next update, tap the arrow to minimize the pause menu

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  1. Shannon McMahon says:

    i just downloaded digit for my iPhone 5 and the app will not rotate with phone orientation and when I pause the workout only the RESUME button appears probably because the entire box will not show up on the screen. HELP. I would pay for this app in order to access the hear rate functions but I am not doing anything until this is fixed.


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