Every Step Counts with Fitbit and Digifit

If you track it, you can manage it. This common business quote is a staple at Digifit. From calorie burn to miles, workout time to pace, you can improve your stats if you track it.

Regardless of your fitness and health goal, exercise is one of the most important habits to incorporate into your life. But often, exercise is not enough. Your daily activity such as how many steps you take throughout the day, is another area where a few small changes can add up to a lot of benefit.

Every Step Counts
It turns out, parking at the end of the lot and taking the stairs does add up. And over time, this leads to improved health and fitness while aiding your goals. That’s why Digifit has teamed up with Fitbit.

Now you can track your daily activity and your exercise by linking your Fitbit and Digifit accounts. Fitbit will rate your activity level from lightly to very active and estimate your caloric burn based on steps taken. Since Digifit tracks your calories based on heart rate, the marriage between Fitbit and Digifit is a true understanding of your daily activity and calorie burn while providing the motivation to keep it going.

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