Multiple In-Workout Dashboards

In Digifit you have the ability to have multiple workout dashboards in a single workout. So, you can track and organize your data on multiple dashboards. This is especially useful if you are using custom workouts or using multiple sensors. It can be very helpful to have one dashboard per sensor. For example, one dashboard tracking distance, speed and cadence. Another dashboard for heart rate, calories and time elapsed. A third dashboard for zone stats if you are using custom heart zones.

Tap New Dashboard.

To add dashboards:
1. Choose Workout Type (Bike)
2. Tap Workouts
3. Tap Bike Options
4. Tap Select Dashboards
5. Tap Add New Dashboard
6. Name Your New Dashboard
7. Customize the metrics.
8. Tap Save

Save Multiple Dashboards.

Follow these steps for each new dashboard. Be sure a “check mark” appears to left of each dashboard that you wish to use for your workouts. Since dashboards are saved by workout type, set-up new dashboards for each workout type.

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  1. Not an option anymore. New dashboards won't save since ios7. Unfortunately Digifit has decided to not resolve this.


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