How to Delete and Re-Download Digifit

Apps are like politicians; sometimes they are just corrupt. If Digifit is acting strangely it may have somehow gotten corrupted, and the first troubleshooting step is to delete and re-download the app. To do so on an iOS device:

1. Make note of your Digifit username and password
2. Perform a sync by going to Results and tapping “Sync” in the upper left.
3. Hold app icon until “x” shows in left corner. Tap x to delete. (NOTE: if you have an Apple iOS below 5.0 for your device, this option will not work for you as you will not be able to re-download the app)
4. Go to app store and download the Digifit free app
5. Tap Login, enter user name and password, tap login and perform sync.

You will now have all of your synced workouts and/or upgrades.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Customer Support.


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