Manually Add Your Workout Results

I arrive at the gym, ready to sweat out the frustration of the day on the trusty elliptical machine when suddenly I realize I left my Heart Rate Monitor at home.

Horror struck.

I have become dependent on my little workout buddy, like a Pigeon dependent on the nice lady who throws bread crumbs, and without Digifit keeping my workout stats right on my iPhone…I felt lost. Luckily, Digifit now has a solution.

Users can manually add exercise results if you did not track it using Digifit. Not only can this be a great solution if you forget your Heart Rate Belt or iPhone, but it is also a great way to get credit for workouts that you may not be able to track with your iPhone (like swimming.

All you need to know is the date, duration of the workout, distance, and calories (see screenshot) and as fast as a bolt of lightening from Zeus himself, it appears in your results page. Follow these steps to manually add your workout results to Digifit on your iOS device:

In App
1. Go to the Home screen
2. Select the type of workout you would like to enter
3. Tap Workouts (In Digifit 8.0, the workouts option has been replaced with a gear symbol)
4. Tap Manual Entry
5. Put in your workout information

On My Digifit

1. Go to
2. Click “Workouts” -> Add a Workout
3. Enter in all relevant information and then click save

And remember to add a title to your workout when you are done!

6 Responses so far...

  1. I tried to add manually an entry in the app and the, but in the Summary the distance don't reflect de sum with the others workouts.

  2. In the profile of when I change the measurement system US to Mettric and then go to dashboard the value of kilometers still in miles, section under the graph.

  3. I tried to add manually an entry in the app and the, but in the Summary, the distance don't reflect de sum with the others workouts, this is in the iphone app, iBiker.

  4. What if I want to use my hearth rate belt to record my treadmill run… how can I add the distance after my run without having to log onto the webpage?

  5. Michelle Otero says:

    It would be better if the app calculated calories burned on a broader database of activities:)

  6. Michael Reed says:

    This response is now totally worthless as it applies to a prior release of the app….


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