No More BP Meds – How I Convinced My Doctor

by Keith M., Digifit user.

This morning at the doctor’s office, my blood pressure was elevated at 140/127. Given this, my doctor wanted to know “Why did you go off your blood pressure medicine?”

I show her all of my Digifit blood pressure records which reflect that my blood pressure is just fine. She is skeptical, “I don’t know if your BP machine is calibrated.”

I explain, “I have been spreading my BP tests around at different places. I strongly suspect that your nursing assistants are taking my readings high and I do not want to take BP medicine just because you think I am borderline.”

She concludes that my current elevated BP reading is a result of taking over the counter sinus and allergy medication.

She wants to know more about other areas of my health.

“Since fast foods were not doing me so good, I switched to a vegan, no dairy, no meat diet, and here look at the exercise I’ve been doing.” I show her my workout results in Digifit.

She reviews my progress over the last three months, “You lost 20 pounds! Ok, lets try taking you off the cholesterol lowering drugs for the rest of this cycle and we will test you in three months.”

Cool…no meds is good! The more documentation the better your credibility and Digifit helped me prove my progress.

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  1. Heather Brown says:

    good job I am so with you.


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