The Heart Rate Monitor Belt

A heart rate monitor is essential to successfully and comprehensively tracking your workouts. All you need to do is strap on your HRM belt, grab a receiver, and you are ready to receive real-time streaming of your own heart rate right in the palm of your hand!

Why is it important to track heart rate during a workout? Tracking heart rate allows for you to participate in heart rate interval training. Interval training consists of centering your workout around moving in and out of heart rate zones, with emphasis on the zone that matches your workout goals.

For example, if you were trying to burn fat it would be ideal to stay in Zone 2, as this is the zone in which you will most efficiently burn fat. One would think that the best way to burn fat would be to work out as hard as possible, but with the help of a heart rate monitor you can monitor exactly how hard you should work out. You are truly in touch with your body and can have an educated workout rather than merely working out so hard you burn out. has an entire article devoted to extolling the virtues of tracking heart rate while working out, stating that:

Heart rate measurements provide feedback on how hard you’re working so that you can meet your fitness goals such as burning fat or endurance training


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