The Foot Pod

If you are serious about accurately tracking your running workouts, you need a foot pod. Foot pods are easy to install workout sensors that track important metrics like pace, strides, and distance.

GPS can be fickle. Often times you have a weak signal, resulting in inaccuracies in distance and pace. That is where a foot pod comes in. The Polar Stride Sensor offers 98% accuracy and provides you with strides, which can be constructive in improving form and understanding your workout.
One user, posting on Tri Talk, a triathlon website, was especially happy with the advantages a Foot Pod brings, stating that:

“I prefer footpods as you won’t lose speed/distance data when going through tunnels or areas where you’d lose GPS signal”

With a Foot Pod no longer do you have to be at the impatient mercy of a weak GPS signal. Not only that, but Foot Pods are perfect for working out indoors. With a Foot Pod you can get distance and stride information even if you are running on a treadmill at your local gym or at home.

All you need to do is attach your foot pod to your shoelaces, pair using Bluetooth Low Energy, and you are ready for incredibly accurate running metrics. Use the foot pod along with Digifit’s route mapping and you have everything you would need to have an accurate representation of your run workout.


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