Spinning Energy Zones

Spinning is one of my personal favorite exercises because it is easy. I don’t mean that the workout is easy, I mean that you can achieve just about any kind of workout goal with a Spinning ride. Spinning is great for endurance training, cross training, improving fitness and for losing weight. It’s easy on the body and just about anyone can do it. You control the intensity. And, if you are Spinning by yourself, you control the music and duration. Not to mention there are no weather related variables.

Spinning has created its owns Spinning Energy Zone Rides™ to help guide your training. Digifit features 10 preloaded Spinning Rides (50 and 60 minute) built using the Spinning Energy Zones Rides. Choose your ride based on your workout or fitness goal.

Endurance Energy Zone™: Burn more fat with shorter recovery times with the Endurance Ride. This ride targets 65%–75% of your maximum heart rate, light to moderate resistance and 80–110 RPM (cadence). This ride is recommended to make up most of your (Spin) workouts or about 3-4 times per week.

Strength Energy Zone™: Tone your legs and build mental strength with the Strength Ride. This ride targets 75%–85% of your maximum heart rate, higher resistance and slower cadence (60–80 RPM). You’ll hover between aerobic and anaerobic zones and is recommended only 1–2 times per week after building a strong aerobic base.

Interval Energy Zone™: Improve stamina and endurance with the Interval Ride. This ride targets 65%–92% of maximum heart rate, light to heavy resistance with varied cadence (60–110 RPM). You’ll alternate bursts of speed and power with recovery and is recommended only once per week after building a strong aerobic base.

Race Day Energy Zone™: Teach your body to perform at higher intensities with the Race Day Ride. This ride targets 80%–92% maximum heart rate, moderate to heavy resistance and 80–110 RPM (cadence). You’ll challenge your body by training at or above your anaerobic threshold and is recommended only monthly.

Recovery Energy Zone™: Promote healing to tired muscles, ligaments and tendons with the Recovery Ride. This ride targets 50–65% of maximum heart rate, light resistance and 80–110 RPM (cadence). You’ll be giving your body an opportunity to recover so it can grow stronger and is recommended 1-2 times per week.

For more information about all five of the Energy Spinning Zones, visit the Spinning website.


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