Why is my Withings Data not showing up in Digifit?

Are your Withings weight entries not appearing in the Digifit Dashboard on your iOS device or on My Digifit? Usually, this is caused by one of three things:

1. Incorrect Withings login/password
Make sure that you are entering in your correct Withings login and password.

2. Incorrect Digifit login/password
In order to get your Withings data your Digifit app must be registered. To register, go to Settings -> My Profile -> Account.

3. Have not performed a Sync
Previously, weight information was syncing in the background with Withings, but since early February weight data is brought down only when you perform a Sync. Therefore, to get your weight data from Withings to your dashboard, perform a cloud sync. To do so, go to Results -> Sync

If you are still having issues, in the iOS app go to health -> health partners -> Withings, and tap “remove” in the upper right. Next go to Results and sync. After doing so, go back to Withings and sign back in, then sync again.


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