Sync Withings Weight, Steps and Blood Pressure Data with Digifit

If you are using a Withings Body Scale, Blood Pressure Monitor, the Withings Pulse Activity tracker and the Free Withings App, sync your Digifit iOS app with your Withings account by following a few easy steps:

1. From the Digifit app Home Screen, -> Tap Health
2. Tap Health Partners-> Withings
3. Enter your Withings Account Login and Password
4. Tap Login
5. Tap your User
6. Registration Success. Digifit will now sync with your Withings weight and blood pressure.
Be sure to perform regular WebLocker Cloud Data Sync so that your Digifit app will be updated with your most recent Withings weight data. (Results -> Sync)

Note you can also manually enter your weight and blood pressure. Read our blog post on manually entering or deleting your weight or blood pressure entry.

You may also view your Health data by logging into

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