Switch Screen Orientation

Recently, Digifit customer support has received several inquires from users who cannot change the orientation of their Digifit workout dashboard on a iOS device. If you are having trouble switching from portrait to landscape or vice versa, read on.

When first launching a Digifit QuickStart workout, you have the option to select your screen orientation before tapping START. Turn your device to portrait or landscape then tap START to lock the orientation.

If your screen will not switch orientations, it’s likely because you have the screen orientation locked. To unlock, follow these steps:

1. Double tap your home button to access the fast app switching window.
2. Swipe left to right to access the orientation lock icon. (photo 1)
3. Tap the orientation lock icon to unlock. (photo 2)
5. Double tap your home button to return to Digifit.
6. Turn your screen to the desired orientation.
7. Tap START to begin workout and lock screen orientation.

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  1. Bruce Bracey says:

    Are there similar instructions for the Android version?

  2. Is there a way to do this in IOS 7?


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