Facebook Sharing

Sharing your Digifit workout results with your Facebook community from your iOS device is simple and easy. All you need is a completed workout, a valid Facebook account and internet access. Follow these easy steps (scroll to bottom for Android):

1. Tap Share from your post workout chart or results screen.

2. Select Facebook

3. Tap Login with Facebook.

4. Tap Okay To authorize Facebook

Tap Login with Facebook

Tap Okay










5. At this point you have three options. You can either post your workout to your wall, Share the workout to a friends wall, or share with your favorite Facebook page (Such as the Digifit Facebook page!). Tap whichever option you wish to share to

6. Add Comments, Tap Share

7. Publish Successful! Your Facebook friends will see your workout results.

My Digifit
You can also share your workout to Facebook through My Digifit. To do so:

1. Login to My Digifit and click”Details” for the workout you wish to share

2. Click the “Share” icon above your HR chart

3. Click the Facebook icon, and from there you can share to your Facebook page, a friends, or a group.


1. Choose the workout you wish to share under results

2. Tap the Share button in the upper right -> Facebook

3. Enter in your Facebook credentials

4. Enter in a message of your choosing, and tap “share” to post the workout your Facebook wall

Enter in your Facebook username and password

Enter in some notes and tap “Share”

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